MOODVIBES – Sharing Good Mood

MOODVIBES is here to share good mood and spread positive vibes. We put positive statements on organic and fair-trade apparel for you to be inspired. The positive statements can be a cue to stay in good mood, a reminder to focus on your positive thoughts or an inspiration to do what you want. It is all about feeling good and living your life to the fullest.

Why is our apparel organic and fair-trade?

Because we believe in caring. We combine trade and charity. Our apparel is made with care for people and the environment. We want everyone in the process to benefit and every time you buy one of our products, you have supported organic agriculture and fair-trade conditions. We believe that the money we spend is our vote for the future and we vote for a world with an abundance of caring, sharing and giving.

” Trade – not Aid” – Caring and quality

We as consumers can help people help themselves rather than passive charity. The apparel is made by fair-trade principles in developing countries by people in the community who need support to improve their living conditions, which fair-trade supports. Visit www.fairtrade.com to read more about fair-trade.

We have chosen to focus on ethics, responsibility and sustainability without compromising on quality. Good quality is not only good materials it also means that people involved in the process have been treated fair under fair conditions. Fairness in the process adds extra value to the product.

Why do we do it?

Because everything about MOODVIBES feels good. We created MOODVIBES to spread good mood and we love doing it.

We are also curious about how to keep improving and by that becoming the best version of ourselves. If you didn’t all ready know we can reveal this; focusing on the positive is a short cut, it speeds up the process.

Imagine all the people…

Imagine positive statements spreading between people, being absorbed, reflected upon and passed on. Imagine all the people vibrating good mood. Like attracts like and good mood attracts good mood. We wish with all over hearts that MOODVIBES will encourage you to choose good mood and to share it. Do it for you, for the ones you love and for the world.

Apparel for any occasion

The design is simple. Black and white. You can make it classy, casual, cool or crazy – it is up to you and your mood. The statements are cues and inspiration. They are tools for your mind to master your life.